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Rangers in a New Era posted on 02/27/2009

“It’s the start of a new era. We’re 0-0. It’s a 21-game season,” said team captain Chris Drury about the New York Rangers as they began their “second season” under new Coach John Tortorella.

Their new coach comes to the team with a reputation of breathing fire-and-brimstone, although few of the players have any history with Tortorella. Defenseman Paul Mara played for the coach during three seasons at Tampa Bay.

The Lightning fired the coach at the end of last season. This year he has been working with TSN, the Canadian Television Sports Network, as a hockey commentator.

It’s a safe hockey bet that he added some “color” to that commentary.

Tortorella brings a hard-nosed philosophy to the Rangers at a time when the team is in disarray. The record of his tenure at Tampa reveals that he expects the most from his players… and that he will give his best to them.

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Montreal Better Off Without Sundin posted on 01/31/2009
Canadiens supporters must be pretty happy to have dodged the Sundin bullet.
When it first became apparent that the Swedish star was on his way out of Toronto, Montreal was one of the cities rumoured to be in the hunt for his services. Sundin would seemingly have filled a need that still plagues the Canadiens: a big, playmaking centre to spark the powerplay.
Given the big Swede's dismal performance in Vancouver there is no doubt that Montreal is better off without him.
Vancouver has gone 1-5-2 with Sundin, and have lost their last eight straight home games. Rather than stepping up and taking a role of leadership in the dressing room, Sundin seems content just to be a supporting player.
That would be fine if he did not command a 10 million per year salary, for the remainder of this season and next.

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